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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A blog reader shares some fantastic 'safe online dating' tips!

A visitor to this blog left an awesome comment to my previous post on the perils of online dating. I love the comment so much - it's extremely helpful - that I thought I'd post it here as well so that others can easily find the info.

Here's what the anonymous visitor wrote:

Some additional helpful tips.

1. Google can provide potentially helpful information on people.

2. Make sure a friend knows where you are and who you are with and DO NOT change locations and neglect to update your friend.

3. Have a friend call 15-20 minutes into the date so you have an excuse to leave easily if needed.

4 Do a case search for arrest records in the city or county the person claims to live in and/or comes from.

5. If you are ordering food or drinks make sure you order and receive your order directly from your server, not from your date.

Be safe!

This is truly fabulous information, and a great addition to the list I started in the previous post (below). I'm really thankful for all of my readers, and commenters, who take the time to read, write and talk about these important issues - it's so important to spread awareness so that we can all be safe!!


  1. Very helpful tips. Personally I think a lot of weirdos hang out on dating sites.

  2. I would have to agree. Of course a lot of nice, normal people use online dating sites to advertise their availability and "shop" around for a date. However there are just as many, if not more, desperate and lonely people on those sites as well who may not have the best of intentions. It certainly doesn't seem like the ideal, or most romantic, place to meet the person of your dreams....