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Saturday, June 12, 2010

What do sociopaths want? According to Lovefraud, it's all about power, control and sex!

"How could a man say all those wonderful things and not mean them? How could a man who talked so eloquently about love be lying?"

So asks women on Lovefraud who were relentlessly pursued by sociopaths. The worst thing about dealing with having a sociopath in your life, well, besides the horrific abuse, is the fact that you're left with the question...why??

Why does a sociopath do what he does? What is his motivation? As an excellent article on Lovefraud asserts, it is truly impossible to completely understand the "core" of a sociopath and how completely, scarily, different they are from the majority of us. The author, Donna Andersen, states that the 4% of society who are sociopaths "might as well be aliens. These people feel no empathy at all towards other human beings, have no conscience, and are interested only in power, control and sex ... it means sociopaths feel entitled to take what they want, regardless of how their actions may damage others. It means they get no satisfaction from connectedness with others, they only get satisfaction from winning. It means sociopaths view the world as predators and prey - they are the predators and everyone else is prey."

Unbelievable, huh. Donna Andersen has most obviously been there. Of course, she's the founder of Lovefraud. And thanks to her persistence in speaking out about the horrors of sociopaths, we can all become better educated and hopefully more and more women will avoid them in the first place.

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