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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mel Gibson's Abusive Audio Tapes Released on Radaronline.com

There has been an incredible amount of online banter throughout the day after the 6th or 7th (I've lost count) audio tape of Mel Gibson verbally abusing Oksana Grigorieva hit the wires this morning.

Sadly, the vile audio recording sounds very familiar to me. And I'm guessing to anyone who's been verbally abused.

At one point, Mel yells at Oksana: “I’m not giving you my house and you can rot unless you crawl back, s*ck my cock and say you’re sorry, in that order! Do you understand me? You f*cking offend my f*cking maleness, my masculinity, my being, my soul!”


So many are attempting to dissect the conversation, amid the "he said, she said" allegations, and I've found some of the online comments to be even more interesting than the tape itself. Mostly, people are pointing to the horrendous verbal abuse on the part of Mel. But, there are those who believe that Oksana is just as unstable, coercive and abusive as he is. Regardless, I think the fact that Oksana felt compelled to record their conversation says a lot.

I reached that point with my ex before I filed the Order of Protection against him. I think for me, I was recording our phone conversations not so much to use as future evidence against him (I wasn't even to that point mentally/emotionally yet), but to be able to re-play the conversations to myself and use them as a wake-up call. Crazy enough, even when I told my ex that I was recording our phone conversations (while recording them, of course), he didn't even seem to care.

It sounds like Mel didn't really care either. The guy's life has become such a spectacle that it's truly pathetic. Hopefully he'll get some kind of help, but for him, I wonder if it's too late.


  1. Oddly, I just listened to these tapes yesterday so it's interesting you deal with them here, K. I agree, it's horrible listening to a man in full-fledged breakdown or psychosis. And it's cynical to consider that she may be doing all this (taping the conversations and publicizing them) just for their publicity value (after all, she's worried about her career too). So while life is always more complicated than we realize, I agree with your point: these situations are terrifying and explosive and a woman needs to do all she can to protect herself and her family.

  2. Thanks for your comment, PW! :)

    Yeah, there's always such an exhausting spin of the "he said, she said" in situations like this, and I well know how frustrating it is not to be heard amid the spin. I think that the fact there are these tapes at all screams a lot. That, to me, is more important than who's in the wrong or who's crazier.

    Thanks for stopping by!!